Building Site-to-Site B2B from Unifi USG to Fortigate (500D or other models)

Building Site-to-Site B2B from Unifi USG to Fortigate (500D or other models)

Fortigate Configuration
1. Build a New VPN Tunnel using Custom VPN Tunnel (No Template)
2. Under Network, point to the Public Side IP of the USG (Public IP, not WAN interface)
3. Leave everything else default (NAT-T Enabled, DPD Disabled..ect)
4. Authentication, use PSK and IKEv1 with Main
5. Phase 1 Purposal, set algorithms to AES128 and SHA1, with DH 14.
6. Phase 2 Purposal, set Local Address and Remote address to and respectively.
7. Set Encryption to AES128/Sha1, Replay Detection and PFS enabled, along with DH14. Enable Autokey Keep Alive, and Auto-Negotiate, and save changes.



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Configure time zones via Windows 10 MDM

This week a blog post about a nice newly introduced policy setting in Windows 10, version 1903. That setting is available in the TimeLanguageSettings area, and can be used to set the time zone of the device. The TimeLanguageSettings area already existed before Windows 10, version 1903, but previously only contained a single setting for Windows 10 Mobile. Now it also contains a very useful setting related to non-Mobile versions of Windows 10. That setting will give some more control on the default time zone configuration of a device. In this post I’ll briefly go through the setting, followed by the configuration and the end-user experience. (more…)

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