whack 3par 7400 node serial

Example to whack a 3par node who is allready initialized.

This is largely because the node has not joined cluster or may have a hardware failure. 

Firstly, look at the LEDs on this node ; 

BLUE : its down / failed

Amber : component failure

Green solid : awaiting to join cluster. 

Note:  Remember to use the old node IDE / disk from the failed node ( if the node failure was not due to the IDE )

Check if the node has not come up due to node parameter settings issue we need to get in to the WHACK once serialled in and issue ‘promedit’ . Here we will need to set the values.  (Use CTRL + W  to get to WHACK prompt once connected serially to this node) 

Remember 7400 and 7400C parameters are different ; 

Look at the example for a 7400 below ;

SMI Whack> prom edit

Board Spin:       03

Size * 256 bytes: 04

Board Class:      920

Board Base:       200040

Board Rev:        91

Assembly Vendor:  FXN

Assembly Year:    2012

Assembly Week:    30

Assembly Day:     03

Assembly Serial:  00103530

Alternate Class:  ffff

Alternate Base:   ffff

Alternate Dash:   ff

System Serial:    <7 digit serial>         < —– System Serial is set with  the command ‘set perm sys_serial=<7 digit serial>’

Node ID:          01                                 < ——— set correct node ID  – node 1 = 01   node 0 = 00 ; likewise.

Midplane Type:    1b                            < ———- This is the correct value for 7400

Node Type:        40                              < ———- This is the correct value for 7400


Next, at WHACK prompt you also need to enter the command to set the 7 digit serial number as below ;

set perm sys_serial=<7 digit 3PAR serial>


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