Sun Server – Add a User Account (CLI)

Before You Begin

  • You need the User Management (u) role enabled to create a user account.

  1. Log in to the Oracle ILOM SP CLI or CMM CLI.
  2. To add a local user account, use the create command.
    • For a server SP, type:-> create /SP/users/username password=password role=[administrator|operator|a|u|c|r|o]
    • For a CMM, type:-> create /CMM/users/username password=password role=[administrator|operator|a|u|c|r|o]

    Note – When adding a user account, it is not necessary to configure the role or password property. The role property will default to Read Only (o), and the CLI will prompt you to provide and confirm a password.

    For example:

    -> create /SP/users/user5
    Creating user...
    Enter new password: ********
    Enter new password again: ********
    Created /SP/users/user5
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