Create appointment from email in Outlook on the web

With Outlook on the web or, you can now drag messages to create appointments or tasks.

To create an event from a message:

  1. Click the To-Do icon  to display the Task pad on the right
    click the task icon to display the taskpad
  2. Drag the message and drop it on the panel.
    drag the message to the panel and drop

If you’re sending a meeting request, you can do that from the message in Outlook on the web. Click the 3 dots to display the menu and choose Other reply actions, the select Reply all by meeting to create a meeting to all recipients. (Unlike in Outlook desktop, you can’t cancel the meeting and turn it into an appointment.)

In Outlook on the web for business accounts, you’ll have options to reply with a meeting, by IM, or Like the message.
Reply with meeting office365 business

In, you’ll only have the option to reply with a meeting.
reply with meeting in

Add or remove recipients to the meeting request. (If you are presented with a dialog to Send or Edit, choose Edit to make the changes before sending.)
add or remove attenadd or remove attendees from the meetingdees from the meeting

TIP: Outlook desktop has the same feature, it’s triggered by the Meeting button on the ribbon.
reply with meeting request, outlook desktop

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