HP 3PAR CheckHealth Command

f you are running a HP 3PAR storage array you want to be certain it’s in a healthy state at all times. While you could look through all of the management menus to check the status of components it’s far easier to leverage the checkhealth command.

Let’s take a look at the command and some of it’s options.

First we will connect to the 3PAR array (in this case a 3PAR simulator) via SSH.

I will connect using the standard 3PAR administrator account, if you have not changed the default password it will be as follows –

  • Username – 3paradm
  • Password – 3pardata

Once we are connected to the array we can enter the checkhealth command.

As you can see there are a few command switches we can use, typically I use the –detail switch to get a complete review of the array.


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