Windows Update error 80246005

What happens

Error code 80246005 is displayed on the screen when you are checking the Windows Update website for updates. There is no message with error code and you are unable to complete the download and install the updates.

Step-by-step instruction in case of Windows code 80246005

When you try to check for updates update error code 80246005 appears as the result of not being able to save the updates to the Catroot2 folder which is an essential component for downloading and installing updates or the Cryptographic Service is disabled or not functioning correctly. The Cryptographic Service is a DLL which is responsible for the operations of a system program interface. To correct the error you must repair the Catroot2 folder or troubleshoot the Cryptographic Service.

To repair the Catroot2 folder so updates can copy files to this folder click on Starton the main toolbar and then enter command prompt in the search area and then press the Enterkey. When the new list appears right click on Command Prompt in the list and then choose Run as administratorand then enter your password if you are prompted to do so. When the Command Prompt window appears enter attrib -h -s -r c:\windows\system32\catroot2 and then press the Enter key. When the Command Prompt appears enter attrib -h -s -r c:\windows\system32\catroot2\*.* and then press the enter key. To close the Command Prompt simply type in Exit and then press the Enter key.

To troubleshoot the Cryptographic Service click on Start on the main toolbar and then choose Control Panel from the menu. When the Control panel window opens choose System and Maintenance and then click on Administrative Tools. Under Administrative Tools click on Servicesand enter your password if you are prompted to do so and then find and click on Windows Update in the list of entries. The status of the Windows Update will be shown in the 3rd column. If it is now enabled right click on Windows Update and click RestartScroll to find Restart to enable the service. Return to the Window Update site and try again. 

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