Getting the Attribute Editor tab for Active Directory users

When you are managing a server 2000/2003 domain from a computer using the remote server administration tools. The attributes tab won’t appear, even when you have the “Advanced” view selected.

There is a good writeup here which is how I got to the solution but the instructions are kind of clunky and incomplete. Here is how to fix:

First you need the ASDIEdit – go here if you don’t have it

  1. Go to start menu -> RUN and run ADSIEdit.msc
  2. Click “Connect to” under the actions menu
  3. Leave the defaults except select the well known naming context “Configuration” in the middle of the window
  4. Expand the Configuration Branch for your domain then the CN=DisplaySpecifiers container
  5. Expand your language branch – US English is CN=409 other languages here
  6. Click on CN=user-Display
  7. Double click AdminPropertyPages
  8. Paste this into “Value to add”
  9. Click Add and then OK twice

You can also add to other objects by adding 12,{c7436f12-a27f-4cab-aaca-2bd27ed1b773} to the AdminPropertyPages of cn=computer-Display and 4,{c7436f12-a27f-4cab-aaca-2bd27ed1b773} to the AdminPropertyPages of cn=default-display

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