Configure hpe 3par 7400 OOTB trough CLI without SP

While working with 3Par storage systems, occasionally it has been important to know how to reset the unit back to pre-MOB(Moment-of-Birth). This information is not readily available in online documentation. For those that are struggling to find that information, here is the procedure.


The first step is to locate the correct Serial/RJ45 adapter:

This is normally the grey adapter, #180-0055-01 located in the supplemental materials package with the 3Par unit.

Using the Serial adapter, connect to a console port on the back of the 3Par InServ. Open your favorite terminal emulator(e.g. PuTTY). Use these settings:

Speed 57600, Data Bits 8, Stop Bits 1, Parity None, Flow Control XON/XOFF.

Press Enter and log on with user ‘console’. The default password is ‘cmp43pd’. This only works before version 3.2.1. After 3.2.1 the passwords are encrypted and you need HPE support to generate a 1 hour password to reinstall the system.


After logging in, note the menu options:

Your first selection will be ‘8’ – Perform a deinstallation. Select ‘y’ to continue and wait for a reboot. Log in again and select ‘8’ for a second time. You will be asked if you wish to continue. Proceed by entering ‘y’. After agreeing, you must wait 75+ minutes for the process to complete. The time frame for this is based on how many disk shelves are configured with the system.

After the process is completed, you must boot each controller node for the 3Par Storage Unit(A standard 3Par 7200 has 2 nodes, node 0 and 1). This involves connecting to each node and issuing a ‘boot’ command:


After the unit is rebooted, log in again as ‘console’ and select option ‘6’ – Setup the system to wipe and rerun OOTB(Out-of-the-box).

When complete you will be returned to the login screen. You have successfully completed the process and may now safely power down the unit. As a follow-up, you can then remove the InServ unit from your Service Processor. This can be done from SPOCK, or from the command line(Located under Service Processor – InServ Configuration).

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